PMA Products


MarketEdge is a formal marketing program designed specifically for an individual enterprise that establishes realistic price objectives and manages price risk.  Futures, options and cash markets are used to lock in target returns per acre.  Our 40 plus years of experience in grain merchandising is utilized to analyze futures spreads and basis levels in determining the most efficient hedge.  The hedges are designed to maximize the carry and to maintain control of the cash grain as long as it is profitable before releasing the grain to the commercial.   Seasonal and cash grain patterns dating back to 1969 are incorporated into the timing of cash sales.  A storage assessment is done to determine which crop should be stored in order to achieve the biggest return on investment.  Proprietary software is used to provide detailed reports on cost of production and breakeven analysis with your crop insurance information plugged into the program.  The software allows us to set target prices and to perform what if analysis using different yields and prices. Detailed reports can be generated on demand.  A formal marketing plan is created setting target prices that establish a set return per acre.  This is not a discretionary program so all target priced orders must have your prior approval before execution.   The MarketEdge Program includes the MarketEdge newsletter and mobile market alerts sent to your cell phone throughout the day for as little as 2-cents a bushel.   Contact us for specific price details.